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    Black Pan

    Black Pan
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    Declined Dakota's staff application!!!!!!!!

    +1. Great friend, would love to work and play with again
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    Easiest tf2 class?

    I see you are a man of culture
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    Pending stop the doing minigames backwards bullshit

    +1. It’s pretty unfair for beginners to do minigames backwards. Oh, and I find it stupid.
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    Pending Engineer Building In Jailbreak

    -1, I think running back to armoury as Blu is quite challenging and fun, ESPECIALLY if they’re low on health. It gives that rush of adrenaline. Just by having an engineer able to just place down a dispenser wherever and whenever just removes that level of skill and exhilaration. Also, reds can...
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    Remove VIP Blue Immunity

    +1, most VIPs hog Blu
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    Pending bring back !fire command on jb.

    -1. There was a reason this command was removed. Plus it was easily abusable and gave an unfair advantage to the blus if reds just want to be brain dead
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    The most hardest class for you in TF2?

    Trolldier or Sniper. Yes I’m aware that Trolldier is a SUB class, but still-
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    Easiest tf2 class?

    Obviously Engineer. Let your machines do the work, I’ll just sit here with a beer in my hand
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    Invalid Geo's Application

    No VAC ban(s) on record. [ ✔ | ✘ ] Clean [+]SteamREP. [ ✔ | ✘ ] No active bans on the community. [ ✔ | ✘ ] Member in our steam group. [ ✔ | ✘ ] At least 15+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ✔ | ✘ ] Team Fortress 2 playtime: 475+ hours. [ ✔ | ✘ ] Being active on our servers (12 h and above connection...