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    Pending SnowyNeko 2nd Application

    my vote now is +1
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    Pending SnowyNeko 2nd Application

    Neutral leading to a +1
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    Declined Ronald McDonald's moderatorship application

    -1 reasons by @Drakken
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    Hunger Games V: Climate Change

    hello death, I welcome you with open arms
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    Hunger Games II: The Nice Wars.

    lets go on a killing spree. shall we?
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    Declined Chrysanthemum (formerly Jane) 2nd staff application

    -1 reasons by Clu and Nforce
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    Hunger Games: Elysium Edition

    um, sure I guess
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    Valid Unusual Giveaway

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    Declined Lyfe's application

    Good to know you understand why. Good luck with your next app.
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    Declined Re-Application

    I was just curious nothing big.
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    Declined Lyfe's application

    1. I've barely seen you in-game. 2. You don't sound familiar (means play more and make yourself known to the Elysium community) 3. Your connection time is 113 hours, which isn't bad but I think it's better to make that number go higher. 4. Your chat logs aren't great: The "jebem ti majku"...
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    Declined Re-Application

    Just found this, mind explaining?
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    Declined Re-Application

    I can see you are trying your best when I saw you in-game, but right now there are reasons stopping me to give a vote. I'll be going with neutral.
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    Declined Staff Application

    -1 Reasons stated by Troller.
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    Declined Re-Application

    There are a few issues to address: First of all these chat logs, could you explain them?