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  1. Snoop

    Invalid Might be a bit too early but feet fail me not

    someone close this. thanks
  2. Snoop

    Invalid Might be a bit too early but feet fail me not

    Kruthal can you dm me what I should work on because people keep telling me but they aren't specific so it would be greatly appreciated if you can just DM me what my flaws are and I will work on them.
  3. Snoop

    Invalid Might be a bit too early but feet fail me not

    Thanks PiXiCii, I thought it was too early to apply I sorta wished I didn't resign at the same time but things happened and we are here but part of the reason I re-applied so early was because the time zone of all the current staff, besides one, make it so that basically all the staff go offline...
  4. Snoop

    Invalid Might be a bit too early but feet fail me not

    No VAC ban(s) on record. ✔ Clean [+]SteamREP. ✔ No active bans on the community. ✔ Member in our steam group. ✔ At least 15+ years old (preferred 18+) ✔ Team Fortress 2 playtime: 475+ hours. ✔ Being active on our servers (12 h and above connection time). ✔ Team player with great...
  5. Snoop

    Accepted i was banned

    You looked like you were cheating it was suspicious how you predicted where everyone was at all times and how you hit every direct hit shot. You also had no game sense and what I mean by that is that once you targeted a player you just followed them around you didn't notice anyone else unless...
  6. Snoop

    Declined LGrouch's Admin Application

    I think you need more time to get to know more people and keep a clean record from now to next app, if this gets denied, and you will look much better but for now I will give -1 due to recent racism. Best of luck in the future!
  7. Snoop

    Declined Bill's unban request

    Firstly Nice do not comment on appeals and secondly Bill you have 2 punishments on ely for racism. Now we look at wonderland where you have these bans which you were given multiple options to learn...
  8. Snoop

    Resolved What, exactly, is bannable?

    Targeting one person solely is borderline harassment (unless it is a duel) but besides that you were being helped by another player who was banned for showing you a cloaked spy which is not allowed.
  9. Snoop

    Declined I just got banned

    Can you explain this?
  10. Snoop

    The most hardest class for you in TF2?

    Firstly tea bad yes and Heavy is hardest class because he is so slow and you need to have a pocket medic half the time to push and do something.
  11. Snoop

    Accepted revoke my guardban pls

    This is your first punishment so its only an hour which is not hard to play out its like a couple rounds. You and one other person (I forgot the name but they were playing scout) were the last two guards and you were armoury camping which firstly is illegal but than before I did anything you and...
  12. Snoop

    Declined Guardban

    The fact that you were not even patient enough to wait an appeal is a huge red flag. I just go on and caught you on an alt account to avoid your punishment and you acted dumb with me but not with anyone else in the server. You were complaining how you got false guard banned etc etc and Troller...
  13. Snoop

    Valid Key Giveaway

  14. Snoop

    Invalid Daily Dose of Toxic Gamers

    We don't need more screenshots of the same two players you have reported you can get their steam ID's by either in game shit + tab and clicking view players and going to their profile or open up steam and on the top left it will show options for different things I want you to click view than...
  15. Snoop

    Accepted Guard banned

    I was the one who guard banned you because you forced a freeday by opening the cells not too long after warden was assigned. Your guardban is only 60 min (1 hour) which is not too bad and it is ok seeing as this is your first punishment. Make sure to read all the jb rules you can do it here and...
  16. Snoop

    Declined Staff Application.

    You did not follow the template and I don't think you have ever been in the elysium servers. Your application changes topic multiple times about how you are good at certain games and your ranks in other games which is not what we look for in staff. You need to get more hours on elysium for me to...
  17. Snoop

    Just joined this website

    why did u type it 2 times tho
  18. Snoop

    Accepted Multihack? lifetime Ban ? xd

    Why are you so flicky and randomly shoot at walls where players are standing?
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    Accepted Multihack? lifetime Ban ? xd

    Can you explain why you have multiple vac bans on it and why the last game played was TF2? It leads me to believe you got vac banned from tf2 and decided to make another account.