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  1. Pootis Birb

    New boi incoming!!

  2. Pootis Birb

    Pending Ban appeal

    First of all, thank you for apologizing for using alts, I hated that I had to ban you everytime you used your alts. Secondly, I would like to state that I think you're a really good player, and the fact that you got banned for "wall hacks" seems really strange since you've always been aware of...
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    Pending Admin Re-App: Bloom

  4. Pootis Birb

    banned from the 2fort server for no reason

    Though not the N-word itself, variants of it still count as using it
  5. Pootis Birb

    Invalid Deto exploit Report

    The Pyro isn't breaking any rules by doing this in the towers, as it is allowed. However, if he would've done it in rooms 1-4, then it would count as exploiting. If you have any proof of him doing it in the rooms, please share it here.
  6. Pootis Birb

    "NSFW" Maps

    All-in-all, i don't find this offensive, I just thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss.
  7. Pootis Birb

    "NSFW" Maps

    This is true, and I 100% agree with it. Though, I've seen a few times where someone has been banned and voiced their complaint with that exact excuse, "but the map does it" (not sure if it was Elysium, and it probably wasn't). To be frank, I still believe that its their fault, and I just wanted...
  8. Pootis Birb

    "NSFW" Maps

    So, as of right now we have several maps on our servers that contain either degrading insults or contain inappropriate images. I feel like that we should either remove these maps or restrict them in some way since they're either really good maps or iconic. Additionally, maps like these may...
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    Declined Troller staff application..

    You seemed like a really nice guy when you were staff (and you still are!). However, due to the reason you resigned I cannot with a 100% certainty that it'd be great for you to be back on the Staff team. Overall, I'm Neutral due to the reasons I stated above, but should you improve I'd be more...
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    Rate the music above you.

    A certified classic, and a banger at that. Always a good listen. 9.4/10
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    Name game

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    Name game

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    Name game

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    Ask Troller

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    Error, does not compute with respond.exe_00 through respond.exe_24.
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    Hello There, and welcome to! I hope you have it pleasant here!
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    Declined Depprr's Application

    -1. Though, based on how I've seen you act in-game, I'm leaning more towards Neutral.