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  1. Clu

    New boi incoming!!

    "My question is. •can scout double/triple jump because I'm mainly a rebeller, in jailbreak. •can pyro equip jetpack, also Jailbreak. " Welcome, to answer your questions, scout can double and triple jump after hitting a guard once, but pyros can not use the jetpack.
  2. Clu

    Accepted Unmute

    Hello, we see no problem with unmuting you, however, if you get muted again, it is highly unlikely any future appeal will be accepted. Appeal accepted
  3. Clu

    Pending Perm ban ( again )

    The ban should be lifted. I shall leave this open till tomorrow in case the problem still persists. Accepted
  4. Clu

    Pending Perm ban ( again )

    I shall sort it
  5. Clu

    Pending Admin Re-App: Bloom

  6. Clu

    Perm ban

    Hello, I am willing to give you another chance, however, if you get banned for hate speech after this ban is lifted, it is highly unlikely any subsequent appeals will get accepted. Please try to be more carful in future. Appeal accepted
  7. Clu

    banned from the 2fort server for no reason

    Ban expired. Invalid
  8. Clu

    Pending i want to get unbanned

    Hello, before we continue with your appeal, may you please tell me your association (if any) with this account. Thanks.
  9. Clu

    Pending i want to get unbaned from the discord

    Hello, before we continue, do you remember which staff member banned you, and how long ago this ban was? Thanks.
  10. Clu

    troller is stinky

  11. Clu

    Pending I don't get it.

    Please reply by the 11th of June or your appeal will be declined.
  12. Clu

    Declined banned for 'cheating' 2 years ago.

    Hello, apologies for the very late reply. We are happy to unban you on our servers, however, you must get unbanned on WonderLand first, this is because that is where the original ban took place. If you can get an appeal accepted there, post another appeal here and we will unban you. For now I...
  13. Clu

    Pending I don't get it.

    Hello, before we continue, could you please provide your steam ID or a link to your steam profile. Thanks.
  14. Clu

    Invalid Deto exploit Report

  15. Clu

    Accepted unban me please

    We are willing to give you one more chance; if you get banned again, it is unlikely any future appeals will be accepted. Your ban will be lifted in 4 days (5th of June). Appeal accepted
  16. Clu

    "NSFW" Maps

    The mario map one has it said on a billboard with (iirc) mario on it
  17. Clu

    Accepted unban me please

    Hello, before we continue on with your appeal, may I ask why you thought it would be appropriate to use slurs/slur baits while playing on our servers?
  18. Clu

    Declined permently muted for a joke

    Appeal declined
  19. Clu

    Accepted Syber Mod Application

    Despite the relatively short application, I see no problems having you on our staff team. Good luck! +1
  20. Clu

    Accepted The Elysium discord Ban

    Hello, your apology seems to be sincere and considering it has been so long, we will be un-banning you. Appeal accepted