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  1. ツKachiツ

    An idea about the 13+ age rule on Elysium.TF servers.

    So in the last couple of days, a rule has been brought in on Ely.TF which is making it so nobody under the age of 13 can play on the Elysium servers. Myself being under the age of 13 i was thinking about it, and i think there might be some things that can be changed, and things that might not...
  2. ツKachiツ

    Pending minecraft server

    that's all there is to say it.
  3. ツKachiツ

    Pending stop the doing minigames backwards bullshit

    hey i was playing JB and for 10 rounds straight 90% of them ended like this : warden said do (insert minigame you need much skill for in the first place) and do it backwards, which i never saw anyone do and everyone dies. most of them was speedrun, which its very easy to die normally -...
  4. ツKachiツ

    does anyone play stardew valley

    i started playing stardew valley some time a go i currently have 15 hours and i want to play COOP with someone because none of my friends have it, so im asking if anyone would be interested in playing stardew valley coop with me
  5. ツKachiツ

    Invalid small feller goes on JB, spams racist slurs in chat and leaves. I was playing on a JB server, and i see this guy (zachi12345678). Not much people liked him ngl, probably because he was freekilling alot and didnt ever read the rules and stuff like that. Then he freekilled 3-4 people in the matter of a...
  6. ツKachiツ

    Pending bring back !fire command on jb.

    please bring back !fire on jb i get that it could have been unfair if someone that has bad reputation gets fired because of it but it didnt happen almost never and now wardens either dont have mic and dont know how to unwarden, or are freekillers, or dont understand orders, or are afk and its...
  7. ツKachiツ

    Accepted toxic player on jb Hello. I would like to report the player "Dogman" mostly known as "Boy Milk". I was playing Jailbreak 2 (15th December 2020 Around 2-3 PM) and then i saw Dogman being very toxic towards other players and I took 4 screenshots. He was dying alot, and...
  8. ツKachiツ

    Accepted homophobic player on jb Hello i was playing Jailbreak 2 on 15th December 2020 (today) around 14:20 or 2:20 pm. I just joined the game and the player "gamer" was very toxic and homphobic whenever he was killed, or something didnt go as he planned. One time, he got freekilled...
  9. ツKachiツ

    Accepted hello so about my perma mute hello so i have been perma-muted a month ago so i would just like to ask if i can get unmuted since an admin told me to wait a month and then make an appeal about it. i was being muted quite often since i was really...
  10. ツKachiツ

    situations in jb that make you get terminal brain cancer

    i dont know if its only me but those are situations that give me true cancer on jb : blus not understanding the rules, those gibus blus that dont have mic and dont know how to type "!uw" in chat, overall blus that dont have mic and go blu, sometimes even block spaces, freekillers, those no...
  11. ツKachiツ

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Do you know what time it is? Autumn. Yes, you're right, Christmas isn't in Autumn, but Autumn ends in 3 days, mkay? If you're lucky, you can even see snow before winter! Ah, yes, the time of the year when the minecraft chests turn into presents, when you go outside...
  12. ツKachiツ

    hi i guess

    hi. im uhh kachi. also known as LEMON BOI. im from poland and i like pancakes + tea. i like potatoes and chicken. i love playing stick and rock, afghanistan and hot potato with coronavirus. i like shooting my toy gun at my friends and my family. im 12 and my birthday is on 10th gravity. im a pro...
  13. ツKachiツ

    Accepted angry kid said the f word (homophobic slur)

    big homophob right here
  14. ツKachiツ

    Invalid Daily Dose of Toxic Gamers

    Here's a place where I put every toxic message I have seen while playing the game. Thanks, and have fun watching. : - )
  15. ツKachiツ

    Accepted Ratatouille is toxic.

    so i was on a jailbreak server and he calls everyone ret***ed once in a while i have like 10 screenshots of people being toxic inclucing Ratatouille
  16. ツKachiツ

    Resolved How can I contact an admin?

    Hi. I was wondering how I could contact an admin. I have screenshots of people being very toxic, calling people bad names and such. I was thinking about how I can tell an admin that someone is acting in such a way, and how i can show him evidence. I am banned from Elysium's Discord Server for...
  17. ツKachiツ

    Resolved im confused

    i got muted 1 week for spam and when i asked pootis bird he sais something like : "o, you prob talked too much" like im confused so i cant talk on my mic? ;-;