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  1. Flemchansy

    Resolved How long should a user wait, before doing a applications of an unmute on discord?

    I was muted on discord about a month ago ish, and wonder how long i should wait before i should decide to make an application in the verifacation of an unmute?? ^_^ *Putting this channel to use for once*
  2. Flemchansy


    Let the counting expand, out of boredness
  3. Flemchansy

    Hi, am totally new on the internet who was forced to say hello by Troller.

    If Dakota comments here then il slap that TROLLER <<<THIS THING needs a SLAP
  4. Flemchansy

    Accepted perm muted/perm gagged

    So in a nuttshell, i tried to get myself banned everywhere in elysium back in October/Ish-November, and i failed haha, but if i may ask, can i be unmuted/ungagged? ^_^ *Dunno how this Appeal thing works sorry* steam username ( Daddy Flemse )