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  1. God

    [ŦǤ] Not sorp <3s Admin Application

    I haven't really seen you ingame too much so I can't really judge you on your behaviour. There also seems to be little effort in your application. I'll be going with Neutral. for the time being
  2. God

    cancel issued ban

    You were using aimbot which can be seen with the demo. That is why you got banned, cheating is not tolerated
  3. God

    Catualus's Teamban Appeal

    You do make a fair a point there. You will still be guard banned due to killing me and Home boi (He was the scout) therefore it will be decreased an hour. I do apologise for my lack of judgement regarding the situation. Just make sure that this doesn't happen again.
  4. God

    Catualus's Teamban Appeal

    My side. It was a Freeday so all players went off their own directions. I went to find Dragon fruit (https://steamcommunity.com/id/234164/) who I RPSed with . He even stated that in the TF2 Game chat that he lost. I Then began finding my way back to cells in which I then got killed by you even...
  5. God

    Id like to appeal

    "I didn't mean it" The demo of you on the server I received says otherwise. Exactly the start of the demo you said "How about this, Last guy alive I will crash the server". As well as near the end of the demo you said "I'm crashing the server this is cursed". Also the way you were acting in...
  6. God

    Declined mockingjay staff aplication

    -1 Reasons stated above
  7. God

    Can we have a different map for the trade servers?

    Honestly I'd be interested in this happening. hopefully this gets some attention.
  8. God

    Declined Shuichi's Application (don't know why my steam profile here is God)

    I see. I’ll try to improve my behaviour for the future and I apologise for my actions. Guess I’ll see you in a month or so for a reapplication.
  9. God

    Declined Shuichi's Application (don't know why my steam profile here is God)

    Also another thing to add is that I could assist with the forums. Just a little bit of Criticism is that there is a lack of communication when it comes to the forums for example a length of time for some posts to get responses. I've been checking the forums daily. I've used forums for War3Evo...
  10. God

    Declined Shuichi's Application (don't know why my steam profile here is God)

    No VAC ban(s) on record - 0 Vac bans so far. Clean [+]SteamREP - My Steam rep is indeed clean No active bans on the community. - Currently 0 bans Member in our steam group - I am a member of the Elysium group At least 15+ years old (preferred 18+) - I am indeed 18 Years old Team Fortress 2...