Accepted A potential aimbot.

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Nov 21, 2020
While we were having fun, a guy came in and perfectly snipe everyone out of the map. A few minutes later, we were suspicious about his aim. I managed to record him, the problem is...he was sitting in spawn. which he won't do much, but at 1:45 in the vid, I caught him jumping, like if he had bunnyhop on. but in the end, if this is not enough, I would understand as there's not enough proof. sorry in advance for the tiny and fraction of an evidence.




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Oct 21, 2018
As with the video evidence, there's not much evidence to conclude him as cheater, besides that indeed it does look fishy on him bhop'ing very well on specific timeframe and looking like he's going through his cheat settings (to enable the bhop script), however that's just assumption. We also require POV view of the cheater, not free view (unless it's blatant and very obvious, like instant aimlocks).

Going through his account, I found he had an alternative account that played on this server and that alternative account has numerous amounts of bans on other communities for "Cheating", one of the communities also had the provided demo included that I reviewed myself personally. Based on seeing the demo myself and the cheating bans, I've come to conclusion that it's better not to keep a player like this in our servers when he has reputation like this and showcase of him blatantly aimlocking others.

Dealt with.
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