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Can we have a different map for the trade servers?


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I've been frequenting the 2 trade_plaza servers for a few months now and I've noticed a glaring issue;
The map sucks, and as a result is incredibly boring to play on.

It's objectively bad in a lot of ways but even from the ideal trade server's view, which is fun, casual and an all around friendly environment, it has a lot of shortcomings.

Firstly, it's a boring map both aesthetically and to play on. There is no exploring, no props, no games and nothing pretty to look at. Secondly, a large portion of players come there to tryhard and let off steam and they can only do it as sniper -- which makes it a hell of a bitch to play when there's a tryhard sniper against you, due to how open the map is. When I say you can only tryhard as sniper, I mean it. The map is only balanced for sniper, due to it's lack of props and natural cover to hide behind, (Which is another reason it's ugly and boring), giving him a massive edge over the other 8 classes and making him incredibly powerful and unfun to play against.

There is only one exit to spawn, and the spawn doors block demo projectiles (as well as jarate, milk and gas cans which are all useful for team pushes and area denial) making countering sentry spawncamps as the hands down most efficient class to do it is literally impossible. Seriously, what are you gonna do against it? Melee it? And unsurprisingly, the lack of variation in spawns makes sniper powerful yet again. Hmm, I wonder what other classes aren't effective on this map?

Scout relies on props to aid his double jumps and maneuver against props. A good scout on this map will hug the goals 24/7 because of how little props there are. As a result, scout either has to chip away (which isn't useful at all) or go towards his enemy (leaving him exposed and out in the open) to secure a kill. Or he can wait there and get chipped or- Hey, sniper can chip better and counter scouts on the goalposts. Woah.

Soldier, while technically playable if you stoop down low and sell your soul to the grapple gods*, also suffers from the lack of props and high ground. Rollouts require all 4 of your rockets and can either kill you if you don't use gunboats or put you to 80 which means you'll just get headshot or 1-shot by the scout at the goalposts. Yeah, 4 rockets sends you to the goalposts. Pogos, fun. I love being airshot headshot because of how slow I'm moving.

By far the most useless non-support class. He's already weak at anything but close range, but the problem with trade_plaza is that there are no places that give you a close quarter fight. You'll just get sniped. Lol.

I've already spoken about the spawn barricade which is just a pain in the ass. However, demo too suffers from the lack of high ground and props to use for traps or trimps. Again a class that relies on being close to mid-range, he's really weak against sniper unless he's close.

Pyro but hitscan. There's no areas to deny aside from right outside your spawn and- Hey, you just got sniped. Rad.

God, there's only 1 way to play this class on this map due to there being no areas to defend and that's spawncamping. Which is not allowed. Try defend your own spawn, you'll get sniped.

Honest to god, I don't know where to start. You can't push with your team because they're all snipers and there's no defenders to uber against becuase theres no places to hold and theyre also all snipers. If you want to roam, you'll get sniped. At least scout and heavy can force flinches.

Hmm, sniper. You're either going to have perfect cover behind the goalposts or protection from demos in spawn. You have the entire map in your eyes, save for the corners of the racetrack, blackroom and behind the goals. Stay in spawn however long you want, stay a while and charge up a shot. You've got cover, the trees are soaking up more bullets than that heavy who tried to countersnipe you with a minigun. Ah, heaven.

PFF HAHA you can't trickstab. There are no props. No corners. No stairs, no high ground. You want to use a revolver? Why, you might as well be playing sniper if that's the case.

As for the rooms themselves, the blackroom and race track are just plain hideous. Like, objectively the worst things. The racetracks bug out, the blackroom has lighting glitches, it's just a mess.

My suggestion can solve all of these. It's a great map, with enough care and love put into it to fill every crack of the broken map you use.
Originally a dm_ map, it's got support for every class with props, high ground and *4 spawn doors* to come out of. I used to play on a server with that map for over a year, and not once was I spawncamped.

It's also a very aesthetically pleasing map, with decorations, themed props and easter eggs in every area. You can spend hours exploring every spot, looking for hidden secrets and fun hiding spots to use in your games.

There's a minigame and a dungeon room at the back, a bombinonicon and batmobile in the west, vents and paintings in the front, functioning elevators and even a designated boxing arena and vip room with a working dj setup and slot machine.

It's available and ready on the steam workshop.
Use it.


I agree whenever I try to counter attack as a pyro I just get sniped because of the lack of hideouts... snipers can just hide and prepare for their next shot wich is really annoying for every class trust me I tried to attack a sniper with every class none of them worked because they can just hide in the GODDAM SPAWN so yea, chef you are right ely.tf needs a new trade plaza map


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Honestly I'd be interested in this happening. hopefully this gets some attention.


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*Grapples as well as RTD are a pretty bad feature on the server, but that's a post for another day.


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I agree with that, It's kinda annoying to get spawncamped, especially with a sentry, yeah, this map sucks.


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"The scout relies on props to aid his double jumps and maneuver against props."
I meant to say projectiles


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I agree. Most of my gameplay on this map is fine, but it sometimes is indeed boring and sometimes not fun whenever tryhard snipers are there.