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Catualus's Teamban Appeal

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Not Aktualus

New member
Include your ban profile link:

Catualus (Steam profile link)

I can't get the Teamban screenshot, because I'm banned from discord.

Explain what happened/why you were banned:

I got teambanned by Drakken for MassFreekill, I killed approximately 6 reds that were either in armory or keeping it open... Around 3-4 people started complaining about me killing them because either they "Didn't have ammo, weren't rebelling" or "Didn't even enter armory, didn't hit me"

Great grandpa ( Steam Profile Link ) Tried to punch me twice while I was going to armory, He didn't hit me, but while trying to kill me he went inside of armory. There were about 3-4 (maybe more) reds in armory, I was a pyro and all i could do is hug the medkits and hold my w+m1 keys.

It was freeday, so I just went after anyone that picked up ammo or had the rebel status.

I killed a scout by accident (all because I had a backburner, and while i was burning everyone near armory he got in my way.)

I killed Drakken by accident because he was playing RPS with a blu, and Drakken won, but i had no clue that they were playing.
So he had the rebelling status and I just killed him.

Tell us why we should revoke the punishment: The punishment wasn't worth a 1 Day teamban (I don't know the reason nor the time for my ban, all i know that Drakken said it was a MFreekill and the time is 1 Day of playtime.)

I only freekilled two people, It was both mine and their mistake.

I'm not going to ask every red why they have the rebel status, because it might get me or other guards killed.


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Moderator ★
My side.

It was a Freeday so all players went off their own directions.
I went to find Dragon fruit (https://steamcommunity.com/id/234164/) who I RPSed with . He even stated that in the TF2 Game chat that he lost.
I Then began finding my way back to cells in which I then got killed by you even though both me and Dragonfruit stated that we RPSed.
Grandpa did try and get into armoury but was blocked by the door therefore he didn't get in which is why he didn't have any ammo
Your home boi (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198209562236/) who didn't have rebel status + no ammo was also with Grandpa in which you freekilled
Trying to punch isn't a thing, so if they miss then they still cant be attacked however touching a guard in anycase would count as legal kill.
Mass Freekilling is defined as killing 4+ players in which you killed Me + Grandpa + Your home boi + The Scout
This results in a day Guardban

Not Aktualus

New member
Who is going to read chat, when about 4 reds are rushing into armory (A staff memeber probably will), but my job is to:

Protect the warden (wasn't one)

Not let reds get ammo.

Not get killed by reds.

Kill any red that has ammo or has the rebelling status..

Yes i did read chat, after that was over, and i did mention how was i suppose to know that you were trying to RPS when all the red were rushing into armory trying to get bullets for their guns... all i saw is you (a scout i think) that had a rebelling status and was heading for the open door of the armory.

It should be common sense that if a red is punching near you, misses twice and is still chasing you while hitting the air, that he's trying to attack you.

The scout was probably home boi. (I'm not sure tho.

Think about it, why else would reds rush to the front armory door, when there's a fight already going near it, it's just asking to get hit or killed.


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Staff member
Moderator ★
You do make a fair a point there.
You will still be guard banned due to killing me and Home boi (He was the scout) therefore it will be decreased an hour.
I do apologise for my lack of judgement regarding the situation. Just make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Not Aktualus

New member
I'll try to, but i can't promise that i won't kill/hit reds that get in the way when i'm killing rebellers =/

Home boi ran past me while facing away, i dealt crits to him because i use a backburner.

Afterall, thanks for taking your time and helping me.

Have a good day.


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Staff member
Admin ★
You have so many previous teambans in your bans history, which means you have gotten so many chances to play fair. The fact that you freekilled less than 4 people doesn't play any role here, the 1440 minute teamban was justified anyways, because of your previous teambans.

Appeal declined.
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