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Oct 21, 2018
A giveaway is something that you want to share with others by gifting it randomly to someone. It can be a virtual item, game keys, gift cards, etc.

I am pretty sure, that you want to make some conditions for the people that can enter your giveaway.
Here are some premade conditions that you can use.

For example:
  • Min. number of posts
  • Post a message, poem or joke (Best one wins!)
  • Solve the riddle
  • Don't enter if you already own the game or item
  • Deadline for the giveaway
If you don't post a deadline then the giveaway will end in 7 days after the topic was created.

The giveaway can be decided randomly by a generator, or bound to your condition(s).
Please remember to post your conditions. No conditions means, that everyone can enter.

Conditions may not include something that may break our general rules:
  • Pay to join
  • Break the server rules
  • Join other communities
  • Anything that encourages rule breaking
We reserve the right to remove or close any thread for any given reasons, if it breaks our general rules.

Please check your thread before you post it, if everything is correct.
Do not change your first post, ask a staff member if he/she will change it instead of you.

Important: The topic creator of the giveaway is responsible for it. Elysium.TF doesn't offer items or games by itself.

Validity of the giveaway: In order to ensure, we don't have any fake giveaways. You must send all of the items that you want to giveaway in here:
You must have a steam mobile authenticator. Otherwise your thread will be considered as Invalid. This is done to also ensure that we don't run into people who send the items, but then 7-15 days later reject the trade offer.

If you wish to giveaway non-TF2 items, then please contact me.

Valid - Giveaway has been confirmed. Items were sent & all items are guaranteed to be given to the winners of the giveaway.
Pending - Thread was created, but the player didn't send the items or their items haven't been accepted yet.
Invalid - The giveaway was rejected, due to player refusing to send their items, having steam trade hold or for any other given reasons.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me through Discord (Kruthal#3431) or Steam. You may also contact any other Community Manager, if I am not available to handle your request.
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