Accepted Cute Kitty's discord ban appeal.

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Oct 21, 2018
I don't know... Where am I?
Include your ban profile link: Cute Kitty#5663

Explain what happened/why you were banned: If I’m not wrong, I was banned by Xypher for bragging about purging’s discord server.

Tell us why we should revoke the punishment:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Elysium had no association with Wonder when the purge was happening. How does it make sense to ban someone for actions they did in another community while you aren’t even associated with said community. Xypher might’ve been friends with Neat_cook, but Neat_cook hasn’t been on Wonder for at least 3 months before the purge.

Interlude was really inactive, players were complaining that no updates were happening and there was almost no way to wake him up. So, a person that was Staff Manager at that time decided to have some fun on the forums, discord and in-game. If I’m not wrong, I only helped banning the players, while he took care of deleting the channels, unbanning some of the toxic players and removing ranks from source-bans.

Yes it was dumb to brag about it on Elysium and I do regret it. I was banned on discord before, (<< link of the previous discord appeal) so I don’t think this time I’ll be given a 3rd chance, but I still tried just in case.

Thank you for reading this appeal, have a nice day!


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Oct 21, 2018
Hello, and sorry for the late response.

If I recall correctly, at the time of the purge, multiple members had joined the Discord server. In response to them joining and bringing it up, you started to brag about nuking their community. At least to me, this seems very provocative/toxic of you to do, and likely Xypher had the same thoughts when he banned you.

However, I'm willing to lift your ban and give you an absolute final chance, so long as you acknowledge what you did was wrong and promise to avoid doing anything provocative or toxic in the future.
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