Pending Grappling hooks.


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Nov 11, 2020
This post is made with a slight hint of salt. By slight, I mean the entire store shelf.

I despise the grappling hook. It's a get out of jail free card. Everyone now has hyper-efficient ways to out-manuever classes, and makes blast jumping a joke. Trying to set someone up for an airshot? No thanks, they pressed h. Trying to have a nice, fair battle? Nah nah, they grappled out.

So you're in a sticky situation as a soldier. Do you

A. Fight your way out and possibly die
B. Do a rocket jump out and possibly die

Sorry, the real answer is "PRESS H AND YOURE ALREADY AT SPAWN!!!"

Common arguments I'd like to address

"They're moving in a straight line you tard"

They can cancel the grapple and grapple onto another object at any time with no penalty. If used correctly, they can even gain speed.

"Use the Direct Hit/Loch n Load"

No. I dont wanna switch my playstyle to deal with one person pushing h on their keyboard a ton. Also, Increased projectile speed doesnt mean its perfect for hitting airborn targets. The direct hit rockets are still pretty slow at long ranges, and people can get insane distance through the hook in a matter of seconds.

What I want is just for the grappling hook to be disabled on all servers. It's not fun to fight against. It's like fighting a lucky F2P thats really lucky with random crits. You know you have the upper hand in technical skill, but they outdo you without trying. Nor is it fun to fight people who are crit machines.

Sorry for all of this released anger, the grappling hook is just really annoying to me, please consider this.