Invalid Guardban Appeal - Zippity Zappity Zop

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Jun 11, 2020
What happened: Guardban that's what! (for a kill order)
Reason why we should revoke your punishment:

Before I start my apology, let me get this clear, I do not know what kill order got me banned - however I am sorry regardless even if it may or may have not happened.

Everyone makes mistakes, that's just a fact.I know that this "statement" doesn't justify my kill order, however people should get second chances - especially for "small" things like this (there are much bigger reasons to get guardbanned + there are way worse punishments)

The first instance of me giving a kill order could've been when I tried to trick the REDs into following my here markers with a "bombrush follow here markers" and then putting a warden marker afterwards - however I said the opposite "bombrush follow warden markers".
Reason why it's opposite being that here markers count as warden markers as well, which I forgot at the time (I wouldn't say my brain didn't work, but you get the point)

I am terribly sorry for what had happened, if that's what got me banned.
If my faint memory which I wrote down here wasn't the thing that got me banned, I am terribly sorry for both incidents regardless.

I hope this is enough to be said for my appeal and I am looking forward for a potential unban - so that I can return to bullying REDs as a BLU on my favorite jailbreak server (sarcasm)

Thanks for reading!


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Oct 21, 2018
Sorry for the late response, but your guardban has expired.

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