Accepted Homophobia Ban - Part 2

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Jun 11, 2020
Here's the appeal that was prelude to this, I am sorry for making a late reply
( I did notice that the appeal was closed before, however I only just now have brought myself to actually try again.)

About the "Do you have anything to add to Nforce's statements?" question:
Frankly, I do not, as I doubt this can go on much longer as I believe I have said all that I can say.
If you really want me to say something, it is that I believe Chrys should be punished equally - not out of hate for the guy but out of justice, as I still view this situation as uneven when it comes to punishments ( Ban + Mute + Warn > Warn)

About the mute, I would like to apologize for what I have done, however I shall not apologize to what I have done to Chrys - as I deem him as manipulative, egotistical and altogether an awful person; just like I said in my previous appeal (link at the start)

If you do not unban me, that is absolutely fine, I have nothing to hold against you because you, after all, are the admins and I am just guy making a rant about some hooligan that accused me of homophobia.


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Mar 21, 2020
Your apology seems genuine and we are happy to lift your ban, Chrys has since been banned (I can not recall what for) from the discord server, however, try to refrain from acting like this again, staff are available to help out in these situations.

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