Accepted I wish to be unmuted after the amount of time that has passed.

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Feb 11, 2021
Again, i am not 100% sure if i am doing this on the right place, but i wish to be judged by the people of my punishment and choose if i deserve to be unmuted or not.

Include your mute Discord link: Flemlora#6439
Explain what happened/why you were muted on Discord:

I recieved the mute due to being a bit toxic towards another member back in April, i was slowly provoked almost every day by that user till i snapped, and yes i accepted on staying muted once that happend cuss i did't want to really intervien with the community's members except chill in the mute chat.

Tell us why we should revoke the punishment:

Well so much time has passed, i kinda felt like i should do this appeal to be unmuted, but it's ofcourse up to the staff crew if i really deserve it or not, i have learned my lesson from last time and il keep my temper and distance from "serten members" so it won't happen again.


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Mar 21, 2020
I feel like you have been for muted long enough.

Appeal accepted
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