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King hoovy

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Jul 15, 2019
New york, bayside
hi, i have a suggestion about the rules of jailbreak, including warden. In the rules, it says that warden can bait, but i feel like want shouldn't be have to be baitable. warden should freely be around reds and guide them through but when ever warden tries to lead reds and get in their ways, the reds hit the warden and saying that he's baiting, while he was guiding/leading them to mini games or rather just something ordinary. all in all i feel like the rules about warden in jb should be changed in a way that warden can't bait. It would have many positive affects because if warden was in the reds way, he wouldnt have to get trampled by reds and die. if u know what i mean

Troller Guy YT

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Jul 31, 2019
-1 this idea, I have hardly seen a warden needed to be close to reds in the first place just to "guiding/leading" as warden is able to do this from a far with out being in a red's melee range. Anyway why would any warden want to get close to the reds as they all could rush him resulting in the red being kos.


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Mar 21, 2020
This doesn't really make sense to me: with the baiting rule like it is now or what you want it to be, those reds who hit baiters obviously want to kill that baiter, or they wouldn't hit them in the first place. If the warden couldn't bait, that would give them a false sense of security, meaning they would be put in more danger than before, if a red wants the warden dead, they will try, baiting or not. Thats my opinion anyway


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Oct 21, 2018
Declined due to majority opposition (when voted on over Discord & on this thread's replies).
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