Merry Christmas, everyone!


Jul 11, 2020
Merry Christmas, everyone! Do you know what time it is? Autumn. Yes, you're right, Christmas isn't in Autumn, but Autumn ends in 3 days, mkay? If you're lucky, you can even see snow before winter! Ah, yes, the time of the year when the minecraft chests turn into presents, when you go outside and build a snowman, or an igloo, or start a snowball fight with your friends and siblinds, when santa rides over the moon with his reindeer, and when the new year begins, with a better one, or even worse than before. I mean who am i kidding? It's 2020. I can't think of a worse year than this one except maybe 1939. Personally, this year i got banned off discord and muted permamently in the acutal game, discovered i have tinnitus, discovered i might have diabetes, and many other things, but hey! This isn't about me. This is about winter and christmas - a very popular holiday, hell, the MOST popular international holiday, come on, tell me - what more popular holiday is there than Christmas? Hmm? That's what i thought. In Christmas, some people like to open presents, some to spend time with their family, most both. Acutally, i'd actually want to ask you guys what your family gifted you, and most importantly, did you like it? I mean, whatever, you dont have to tell me if you don't want to. I just want to create a Christmas-y vibe... Still, if you don't like Christmas, there's one thing Christmas still does. It creates a nice feeling while you wait for it, and finally take part in it. It's unforgetable! Well, atleast untill next Christmas hits a year later, then you may forget... Christmas is a time of magic, of spending time if our family, and well, we all like having presents. Don't lie to me, you may disagree, but i know that somewhere in you, you just wait untill you get a new PC or a couple of games from your parents, and are happy when you get something you waited for so long. I don't really know what i can talk about anymore, so i think i'll just end it here, and let other people talk in the comments. You can talk about what you dont like about Christmas, what you like about Christmas, what you got as a gift for Christmas, what your family did or made you do for Christmas, memories from winter, things you used to do for winter and stuff like that. Without making this long message even longer...

I wish you all a nice Winter, and Merry Christmas!




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Mar 21, 2020
I'm still waiting for lockdown to end so I can go trick or treating, net alone christmas xd