Pending Perm ban ( again )

Hello , i am posting this appeal for tell to admin i take a perm ban 5min ago , reason : duplicated accunt .
i dont understand why duplicated accunt cuz i try to join ely with THIS accunt just after seen my old perm ban was removed .
i just changed name on my accunt long time ago , i basicaly take a ban for a accunt i didn't use for join ely
i send you screen of my ban
there is " 2 " me : one called Mafioso , and the other called Klein KaiZerSUS
but this " 2 accunt " isn't real , i mean , i only have 1 accunt for play on tf2
bruh , i was so happy to see my old perm ban was removed and sudenly i take a ban for a accunt doesnt exist




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Mar 21, 2020
The ban should be lifted.
I shall leave this open till tomorrow in case the problem still persists.