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Hello , i am posting this appeals for try to " cancel " my perm ban . I take a perm ban cuz i was " homophobic " , i am infinitely sorry to have that type of text ,i didnt try to offend anyone , i was just " joking " with friend cuz its the only " humour " they laugh , my hate speech was never serious .
I take a ban saying " the next will be perm " but i take 2 ban after the " final ban " .
I discord the web Ely ban list , just , 2hour after my perm ban ( realy im not joking ) and nobody tell me where i can find my total ban
its been many month i didn't play on Ely serv ( i think 9 month ) and , i was a little stupid kid before ( bruh ) , i have mentaly upgrade ( ?? yea ?? ) what im trying to say its if now i have the posibility to play on Ely , i will never say hate speech .
I just want 1 final chance for proof i can play normaly without saying hate speech
Even if you dont trust me : u can cancel my ban on Ely BUT mute me in perm ( best trade ever )
Like this i can play without the possibility of speak , even if i dont will spam hate speech
I just want to play ( tryhard mhhmhm ) with friend on Ely serv wihtout offend other player

Thank to Mr / Mrs Admin to have losing 5min of your life for read my appeal


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Mar 21, 2020
Hello, I am willing to give you another chance, however, if you get banned for hate speech after this ban is lifted, it is highly unlikely any subsequent appeals will get accepted. Please try to be more carful in future.

Appeal accepted
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