Pokémon Event (Melee 1v1's)


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Oct 21, 2018
Hello! @Troller Guy YT and I will be hosting a Pokémon event on the Minecraft World server (
This will be on April 18th (Sunday) at 16:00 GMT (12 p.m. EST; time zone converter).

This event will work like the Pokémon minigame in Jailbreak.

Full explanation:
  • Troller and I will be the trainers for RED and BLU, respectively, and people will choose to fight for either RED or BLU in the server.
    • If the teams are unbalanced, we'll need to force some people to change teams.
  • We will then begin to choose players to fight eachother in melee duels, while the rest of the team stays at spawn.
  • The first to choose a Pokémon will be decided by RPS for the first round, and from then on it'll be whoever won the last round (so the losing trainer can choose a Pokémon to "counter" the winner's).
  • Once a player is killed, they will need to stay in Spectator, as if it was Arena mode.
  • Once a trainer has lost all of their Pokémon, they will fighting the remaining Pokémon of the other team.
  • The last team standing wins.

  • The fights will take place in the main area of the Minecraft World map.
    • However, if both players want to, they can instead fight in the Nether or boxing ring.
  • The fights will be melee-only, meaning that primaries nor secondaries can be used.
    • This includes charge, food, hook, etc.
    • However, you may use secondary effects of your melee weapon, such as the Sandman's baseball.
  • This goes without saying, but don't be generally disruptive to the event. You may get kicked/banned for doing so.

  • All of the players (dead & alive) of the winning team will be given 400,000 credits.
  • Each member of the losing team will receive 10,000 credits as a consolation prize.

If you are interested in entering, just reply to this thread.
If need be, parts of the event (such as the date and time) can be changed. We will notify of any changes on this thread and in the #events channel.
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