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Declined Silverhusky's application for staff

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New member
Aug 12, 2019
  • No VAC ban(s) on record
  • Clean [+]SteamREP
  • No active bans on the community.
  • Member in our steam group
  • At least 15+ years old (preferred 18+)
  • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 475+ hours (1090 hours in total)
  • Being active on our servers (12 h and above connection time)(153 hours currently)
  • Team player with great communication skills (English) (Born and raised in Romania but learned intensive English)
  • No limited steam account. ✅

Nickname: Husky
Date of birth: 20/12/2004 14 years of age
Timezone: GMT+0 British Standard Time
Location: United Kingdom, Teeside, Middlesbrough
SteamID32 Url: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SilverHusky1993/

Do you have any admin experience?:

Sadly, I have no admin experience whatsoever.

Why should we choose you over the other applicants?:

In my opinion I believe as an applicant for staff, I should be chosen over the over applicants because of my understanding of the game and rules, I'm mature enough to deal with any situation I get in, my activity on both discord and the TF2 Elysium servers prove that I have been there at least everyday playing with people and having fun with them while sometimes teaching them something they forgot about in the rules. I would be a good staff member because of my support for new members and the enthusiasm for being a helpful member, for bringing order within our servers and punishing all rules breakers. I am also a night staff in which I see it's a department that we lack in. I can do late nights when I can since I've seen rule breakers at night while all staff was sleeping.

Why are you applying?:

I am applying to bring order within our community, bring joy and fun in our servers by getting rid of hackers and griefers or exploiters, make our community a place in which you can feel welcome and loved, improve our servers in any way and bring new ideas that can come of use sometime. I am applying also because my love and addiction for Team Fortress 2 has exponentially grown again in which I see this as a massive benefit for being active on our servers even if I won't be a staff member.

Anything else you would like to tell us?:

If a reason for denial can be given then that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking your time reading my application, i appreciate it.


Staff member
Admin ★
Jan 17, 2019
Okay, where to begin with this. I guess your requirements are fine apart from the fact that you are not over the age of 15 which is clearly evident with your behaviour on discord and plausibly in game also.

I'll ignore that admin experience section, for the second section, you say that you have an understanding of the game and rules which I wouldn't doubt but your statement about you being mature is clearly not the case, your behaviour on discord has some heads turning, even mine. I don't see how you think you are mature enough to be staff with the things going on in the discord, I don't think I have to say what has happened as you should know yourself. The situations you have been in, could've been easily ended if either not talked about or ignored yet you continued and things further ensued. This alone warrants a no.

You talk about that you want to punish rule breakers and make the community a better place, by being staff? Simply punishing those who do wrong will not make the community a better place, being staff isn't just about punishing those but also interacting with the other members of the community and having your own input and opinion on certain situations. Being able to keep calm about every situation is almost vital to being staff as well as acting mature and not being toxic/disrespect to anyone. Although you are active on the servers and the discord, your behaviour (which I have mentioned) is abysmal to say the least and maybe even laughable, others can vote what they wish but it's clear to me.

This will be a no from me
Likes: Husky
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