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Oct 21, 2018
VIP Rules
All the rules apply to you, these rules are just only applicable to VIPs.
Any violation of these rules, depending on severity, will result in termination of your privileges.

1. You are not an admin, so do not take it upon yourself to decide if something is against the rules.
  • If it is unclear or open to interpretation, then do not initiate votes.
2. You may not backseat moderate, especially while a staff member is online.
  • This includes carrying out Mic Checks. That is strictly prohibited.
3. You are only allowed to call vote-punishments when:
  • It's been 10 minutes since you filed a report on the player you want to call a vote on and there's been no response.
  • The player is rule-breaking and, through whatever rule they are breaking, they are causing great disruption to the server.
    • For example, if the player just does a few freekills, or they do something else relatively minor, then that's not grounds to voteban.
    • However, if they are constantly mass freekilling, spamming racial slurs, using aimbot, etc., then that would be grounds to voteban.
4. Do not use your perks to have an advantage over other players (e.g. killing players while in a bumper cart).
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